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Chugger, Immortal Scorn, HiTD im Underground Wuppertal


Bundesallee 268 - 274 42103 Wuppertal Germany
We are proud to announce our return to Underground!

While focus lies on writing new stuff this year, we just couldn't let our teutonic brothers and sisters miss out on the Chugger-experience. Since this will most likely be our ONLY gig in Germany this year, pack your bags and make this that roadtrip you've always talked about! \m/


Chugger is Gothenburg’s latest pride and is built upon its heavier legacy. What differs Chugger from other Swedish bands is the clear influences from the American south, like Pantera and Lamb of God. The result is a groovy, melodic and heavy sound free from bullshit.

After an intense time in studio 2015 the band released their latest album ‘Human Plague’ under label Rambo/GAIN/Sony Music. Sweden Rock Magazine wrote “an album full of force and energy” and “brilliant guitar play by guitarists Fredrik Carlstedt and Robert Bjärmyr”. Close-Up Magazine felt the album “puts the emotional bar to ‘right in the face’” and compared to the band with the American equivalent Lamb of God. With critically acclaimed albums and multiple European tours behind them, Chugger is back to put the money where their mouth is!

Spotify: http://spoti.fi/1nG8AUC
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03thfCdrD4g
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/chuggerband


- Immortal Scorn
Immortal Scorn - das ist grooviger Oldschool Deathmetal, der die Nackenmuskulatur auf's Äußerste beansprucht. Denn: Deathmetal geht immer, richtiger Deathmetal – wenn die Fäuste in die Luft gehen und der Kopf nickt. Unter dem Motto „less is more“ gegründet, versteht es Immortal Scorn live wie auch auf CD durch Spielfreude und Eingängigkeit zu überzeugen. Sie halten den ursprünglichen Gedanken des Deathmetal am Leben.

- Hunting In Total Darkness
In order to hunt in total darkness, one must embrace the void or perish trying. HITD wants to overcome common flaws by collective songwriting. The whole is more than the sum of its parts.
The Band formed as a project of talented relatives and friends with the intention to spend time in a meaningful manner and create something worthwhile. After months of work they now stand on a solid set of songs, which are ready to be performed. A selected portion is available as a downloadable demo-EP.
Their sound is created by several movements of Death Metal, including deep growls, djent elements and low pitched guitars. This basis is interspersed with calm and melodic parts, samples and profound lyrics.
HITD wants to reach their audience and is therefore becoming a public entity. They are Hunting in Total Darkness.

VVK: 8,00 €
oder direkt im Underground

AK: 10,00 €

Einlass 20:00 Uhr
Beginn: 20:30 Uhr

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